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Sunday's Silence - US (Paperback)

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Sunday's Silence - German (Paperback)

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Sunday's Silence - Polish (Paperback)

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Sunday’s Silence

“One of the Best Books of the Year,” Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times Bestseller

“Listen. I will tell you a story you will not easily forget–one you cannot turn away from, or deny, or leave behind in the folds of my hands and on the edges of my lips.”


“A skilled and inventive writer, Nahai demonstrates in Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith that even the darkest magic cannot defeat the extraordinary powers of love — Nahai has achieved some wonderful effects, infusing everyday events with miraculous radiance.”

— New York Times Book Review


“Entrancing — a voice that never loses its poise, that balances cynicism with hope, warmth with satire, the heavy ballast of life with the exhilaration of being borne aloft.”

— Los Angeles Times Book Review


“Exotic and beautiful and rich — a seductive novel — A testament to the power and beauty of Gina Nahai’s writing and the world she so brilliantly illuminates. We jump on the magic carpet, soar above the Avenue of Faith, satisfied to let this gifted storyteller weave her spell.”

— Boston Globe


“A novel of stunning beauty and power — a supreme accomplishment. The magical realism so perfectly wrought by Garcia Marquez has rarely been equaled, perhaps only by Toni Morrison in Song of Solomon and here in Nahai’s novel.”

— Cleveland Plain Dealer


“A multigenerational story as intricate and richly hued as a Persian carpet. As she revealed in Cry of the Peacock, Nahai possesses an array of talents, all of which glitter in Moonlight. Nahai’s writing recalls that of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Amy Tan, yet her prose bears its own stamp of inventiveness and vivacity — A modern-day Scheherazade.”

— Orlando Sentinel


“A sprawling tapestry of a novel … clear testimony to her skill as a storyteller. Gina Nahai works in elegant contrasts, the spellbinding extremes of the best of the magical realist tradition, conjuring a story that glows as if lit by a subtle, internal fire.”

— Portland Oregonian


“A nice addition to the canon of magic realism … Ms. Nahai’s lyrical command of her words carries through consistently. The book’s effectiveness deepens into a powerful and surprising final chapter.”

— Dallas Morning News


“Lyrical, beautiful … a languid, steamy read.”

— Toranto Star


“Absorbing … Through the power of Nahai’s language, the past becomes present … This book is not a fairytale, not a poem, not a mystery story. Like moonlight, it is a little of each. So the Avenue of Faith is not just the novel’s setting, but also the mindset that informs its characters — and readers.”

The Virginia Pilot


“Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith paves the way for Ms. Nahai to claim her place among other cultural women writers such as Amy Tan and Toni Morrison. Readers will not only gain some insight into a new people, but will also discover a storyteller who captivates an audience.”

— Baltimore Jewish Times


“Spellbinding … Marvelously compelling.”

— Publisher’s Weekly


“Highly recommended”

— Library Journal (starred review)


“Beautifully written … a lush, absorbing novel.”

— Pat Holt, former editor of San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

— Laura Hansen, Bookin’ It (Little Falls, MN)

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Adam Watkins is the illegitimate son of little Sam Jenkins, founder of the snake-handling Holiness sect in Appalachia. Denied by his father, abandoned by his mother, Adam has been in flight from his past for twenty years — until he returns to investigate the possible murder of his father by one of the church members. The suspect, Blue, is a fiery-haired, purple-eyed beauty with a clouded past and a reputation for being immune to earthly harm. Carried from the mountains of Asia at the age of thirteen by her professor husband and educated into his willed universe of reason and civility, she represents everything that is foreign yet familiar to the world of the snake handlers.

When Blue and Adam meet, the power that moves between them is both dark and exhilarating. Will their sudden love, like the mortal bite of a poisonous snake taken up in mid-prayer, destroy or redeem them?

In indelible images and mesmerizing prose, Gina Nahai brings to life a little-known part of America, a land of stunning beauty and heartrending poverty — untamed by man, seemingly forgotten by God. There, she explores the triumph of passion over reason, the cross-cultural mysteries of faith, and the price of hope.