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Sep 22

Mommy Dearest

September 22, 2014

Yeah, I didn’t know it either. I only found out 10 years ago when a friend who lived in Iran came to L.A. for a visit. Just like I didn’t know, till I was in my mid-20s, that I’m not Iranian. I found that out from a random caller to a Persian-language television program produced in Northridge. Like most others of its kind, the program was anti-regime. The host spent a good deal of time enumerating the crimes of the Islamic Republic, among them its stance toward Israel and the arrest and

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Gina B. Nahai

Jan 08

What Lies Beneath

January 08, 2014

I don’t mean to alarm the global scientific community, but I feel I have an obligation, in these nascent days of 2014, to share a potentially disturbing finding I came upon at the end of last year. Ladies and gentlemen: Einstein was wrong. At least one of his theories — the one about the definition of madness — is complete fallacy. I don’t know when he arrived at it, or what kind of green and gullible following he suckered into believing it or how he managed to pound it into the c

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Counting Almonds article by Gina Nahai in the Jewish Journal

Dec 04

Counting Almonds

December 04, 2013

Turns out, I have a natural handicap when it comes to eating like normal people. My daughter discovered this when she was in elementary school and forever engaged in a war of attrition over food: She wanted to live on green apples and Lucky Charms; I thought a third item should be added to the diet. A few years into the campaign, she finally asked me, “What cereal did Grandma let you eat when you were a kid?” “I didn’t eat cereal.” “Why not? Was Giti as mean as you are?”

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My Last Halloween by Gina Nahai

Oct 30

My Last Halloween

October 30, 2013

These days it creeps up on me like an ache — the occasional pumpkin in a front yard, the synthetic cobwebs in trees, the subtle turn in the weather and, yes, there’s that feeling in the pit of my stomach, the hollowness of those dreams in which you’re lost in a white tunnel, with nowhere to go but forward, though you know that every step will take you farther away from home. I know why Lot’s wife looked back.

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Gina Nahai in the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

Jun 06

Dinner Table Revelations: The Unexamined Life

June 06, 2013

You don’t know what a bad person you are, or how bad your hair looks, until you’ve sat down with my religious relatives for a meal and tried to conduct a conversation.

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